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Prolotherapy is not covered by Medicare.  If you are Medicare-eligible, it is possible that your supplemental insurance may partially reimburse you. 

For other 3rd party payors, we are considered out-of-network providers. 

We can provide you with a standardized HCFA form which you may submit to your company for reimbursement.

Some of the commonly used CPT Procedure Codes for our services are as follows: 
  • 99244  Initial Consultation 
  • 20550  Ligament injection 
  • 20551  Tendon injection 
  • 20610  Large joint injection  (hip, knee, shoulder) 
  • 20605  Medium joint injection  (elbows, wrists, feet) 
  • 20600  Small joint injection (fingers, toes)
  • 64470 Cervical or Thoracic facet injection
  • 64475 Lumbar / Sacral facet injection
  • 98925—98929  Manipulation (based on number of areas treated) 
  • 90782  Painful scar injection 
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